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Introducing Braids for Maids!


If you've ever wanted to learn a little more about the talented people who have dedicated themselves to making you feel like the royalty you are, look no further!


Braids for Maids Business Owner

Favorite Style: All of them!

Fun Fact! Without this lovely lady none of this would exist!


Master Gate & Head of House

Favorite Style to Braid: Laurel

Favorite Style to Wear:

Multiplait Laurel

Fun Fact! Janet loves the face our customers make when they see their braid for the first time most of all!


Master Braider & Head of House

Favorite Style to Braid: Seraphina

Favorite Style to Wear: Coronet

Fun Fact! Christine is the personal braider for her royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire!


Master Braider

Favorite Style to Braid:

Barnaby & Multiplat Anything!

Favorite Style to Wear: Olivia

Fun Fact! Considers the phrase, "I don't have enough hair!" to be a challenge that she can't help but accept!


Master Braider

Favorite Style to Braid:

Anything Multiplat!

Favorite Style to Wear:

Anything Multiplat!

Fun Fact! Emily was more shocked than she was proud of breaking her Master's record for number of braids done in a single weekend.

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